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Played  20    Won  11     Lost  5    Drawn  4

Leicester Chronicle           18 Apr    KCC AGM at the R&C. Mr Macaulay, presiding stated that the additional piece of ground had been levelled and a number of matches have been arranged and the prospects of the club were regarded as very bright

Market Harborough Advertiser          9 June    Victoria Cricket Club v KCC. The match was played on Saturday and after a good game, resulted in a victory for the Harborough by 34 runs. 

KCC Victoria CC
Underwood b Painter 1 Monk b Badcock 6
Austin     b Burditt 23 Sulley c Hancock b Badcock 6
Grant b Douglass 15 Douglass c and b Badcock 10
Logan   b Douglass 0 Burditt b Badcock 0
Badcock b Douglass 0 Wilkinson c and b Badcock 19
Salmon c Trasler b Burditt 6 Ray c Badcock b Grant 9
Loveday c Trasler b Burditt 13 Trasler b Badcock 5
Timson c Ray b Burditt 7 Painter b Badcock 12
Bromley c Monk b Painter 1 Green c and b Underwood 30
Lewis c Burditt b Wilkinson 2 Gilbert
c Hancock b Bromley 11
Hancock not out 4 J. Smith not out 8
Extras 14 86 Extras 4 120


Leicester Chronicle           27 June  Kibworth Cricket Club v Smeeton Cricket Club at Kibworth on Saturday 20 June 1885.  Score K; 90, S 46

Market Harborough Advertiser            30 June     KCC v Little Bowden. The match played at Kibworth on Thursday last, but owing to the excellent batting of Mr. Underwood and Austin, the Kibworth team occupied the wicket the whole of the day.  Score: K 243 for 8 wickets; Austin, 66; F. Underwood, 146.

F. Underwood b Bromley 146
F. Austin     not out 66
F. Badcock b Howitt 7
G. Grant c Bromley b Howitt 0
T.A. Macaulay c Pick b Howitt 1
W. Mason not out 12
T. Hancock b Bromley 2
M. Knapp b Howitt 0
J. Parker
H. Bromley
Extras 9 242


Letter to the editor of the Market Harborough Advertiser about this game published on 7th July: Sir - will you allow me to correct the account of the above match (which appears to have emanated from Kibworth) in your last weeks issue, as it is very misleading and unfair. In the first place the Little Bowden team were not fielding "the whole of the day" as it was raining most of the time and only about three hours cricket could be had and then under most unfavourable circumstances; the grass knee-deep and owing to the wet it was next to impossible to hold the ball. Then "the excellent" batting of Messers Underwood and Austin consisted of giving about 30 chances. The score was also largely increased by "lost ball" which owing to the long grass was called frequently. Might I suggest that, the next time Kibworth CC invite a team to visit them they should provide some shelter and have the grass mown.

Letter to the editor of the Market Harborough Advertiser about this game published on 14th July: Sir - In last weeks Advertiser appearerd a letter in reference to the cricket match Kibworth versus Little Bowden. The committee of Little Bowden CC wish me to write and disclaim any knowledge of the authorship, and at the same time to express their regret at its appearance. Yours Truely - J Sulley, Hon. Sec. Little Bowden CC 

 Leicester Chronicle            4 July

Archdeacon Lane CC Kibworth CC
S Dalby b Gilbert 2 Underwood not out 85
W Dalby b Munroe 2 Austin   retired hurt 14
Britton b Monroe 3 A. Loveday  not out 75
Tabberer  b Bosworth 7 Badcock
Armstrong b Bosworth 14 Macaulay
Steward b Monroe 0 F.J. Loveday
Adams c Burditt b Thompson 0 Salmon
Breward b Bosworth 2 Timson
Blockley not out 0 Jones
J Tabberer c Hodgson b Thompson 6 Mason
Pratt run out 0 Widdowson
Extras 5 41 Extras 4 178

Market Harborough Advertiser
           7 July     Victoria CC vs Kibworth CC - This match which was played in the cricket field on Saturday, ended in a victory for Kibworth.

Kibworth CC Victoria CC
Underwood b Weldon 16 Monk c Timson b Austin 1
Austin   LBW b Douglass 15 Weldon c Loveday b Badcock 12
A. Loveday c Monroe b Weldon 0 Sulley b Palmer 7
Palmer b Weldon 1 Douglass c Palmer b Badcock 17
Grant c Burditt b Douglass 11 Ray st Loveday b Palmer 1
Badcock c Douglass b Weldon 0 Wilkinson b Badcock 0
F.J. Loveday b Douglass 7 Burditt not out 15
Timson c and b Douglass 0 C.L. Douglass c Palmer b Badcock 0
Bromley c Monk b Burditt 2 Green c Bromley b Palmer 5
Mason not out 14 Trasler
b Palmer 0
Hancock c Sulley b Douglass 3 Munroe b Palmer 0
Extras 23 92 Extras 3 61


Market Harborough Advertiser            25 August     Little Bowden CC vs Kibworth CC - This match came off on Thursday at Little Bowden, resulting in a victory for the home team by 38 runs. The scores are appended:

Little Bowden CC Kibworth CC
Fox c Badcock b Palmer 7 Underwood  c West b Fox 7
Pick c A Loveday b Badcock 0 Richardson  b Fox 19
A Sulley c Underwood b Badcock 19 A. Loveday c Fox b A Sulley 1
Brown c F Loveday b Underwood 13 Badcock b Fox 0
Watson c Underwood b Loveday 30 Ray b Reading 3
Reading b F Loveday 3 R. H. Palmer c Sulley b Reading 6
Bell b F Loveday 1 F. C. Palmer b Reading 2
West c Loveday b F Loveday 2 Mason b Reading 4
Howitt c Palmer b F Loveday 0 F. Loveday b Fox 8
Houghton not out 11 Marriott not out 3
J Sulley b Badcock 4 Smith run out 1
Extras 12 102 Extras 11 64


Leicester Chronicle           23 Sep    The Amateur Dramatic Society held a show at the village hall on Monday evening, to raise funds for                            KCC to improve their ground. The entertainment was repeated on Tuesday evening to a crowded room.

Leicester Chronicle          28 Nov   KCC held their annual dinner at the Old Swan, included their Batting Averages for 1885.