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Judi's scorecard Ockbrook innings                        Judi's scorecard Kibworth innings

Ockbrook & Borrowash v First XI      7th September 2004

Cockspur Cup Final    Lord's, London

Result: Kibworth won by 5 wickets

Toss: Ockbrook & Borrowash CC
Umpires: M J Charman, R Rigby

Ockbrook & Borrowash CC - 1st XI

      R B 4s 6s
Chris Dunn + ct John Hanger b Tim Mason         44       89        5       2 
John Owen ct Mike Sutliff b Russell Spiers   23  46 
Jake Needham      ro (Mahmood/Renshaw)         51  71 
David Hallack   b Tim Mason   10 
David Wood ct Mike Sutliff b Andrew Smith   11  23 
Trevor Smith * ct nicholas ferraby b Tim Mason  
Ian Darlington st Stephen Thompson b Andrew Smith        10 
Paul Darlington ct Russell Spiers b Russell Spiers  
Lian Wharton Not Out   19  10 
Chris Windmill   b Russell Spiers  
Neil Smith Not Out  
Extras  ( 8lb  4w  9nb  )   21  
Total  (9 wickets, 45 overs)  194  


Fall Of Wickets

53-1 John Owen (Chris Dunn*); 102-2 Chris Dunn (Jake Needham*);
104-3 David Hallack (Jake Needham*); 139-4 David Wood (Jake Needham*);
142-5 Trevor Smith (Jake Needham*); 154-6 Ian Darlington (Jake Needham*);
168-7 Jake Needham (Paul Darlington*); 169-8 Paul Darlington (Lian Wharton*);
186-9 Chris Windmill (Lian Wharton*); -10 ;

* = notout batsman,


  O M R W Nb Wd
Aamir Mahmood             5         1      19        0       2          3 
Simon Renshaw 7 2 26 0
Gareth Parkin 7 1 30 0
Russell Spiers 8 2 35 3
Andrew Smith 9 1 35 2
Tim Mason 9 0 41 3


1st XI

      R B 4s 6s
Mike Sutliff * ct Trevor Smith b Jake Needham   45        72          7         0 
John Hanger ct Trevor Smith b Ian Darlington   29  31 
Andrew Smith Not Out   47  79 
nicholas ferraby st Chris Dunn b Jake Needham        
Russell Cobb   b Jake Needham           25  38 
Tim Mason ct Paul Darlington       b Jake Needham  
Simon Renshaw Not Out   31  31 
Gareth Parkin Did Not Bat          
Aamir Mahmood Did Not Bat          
Russell Spiers Did Not Bat          
Stephen Thompson +       Did Not Bat          
Extras  ( 3lb  6w  6nb  )   15  
Total  (5 wickets, 41.3 overs)  197  


Fall Of Wickets

61-1 John Hanger (Mike Sutliff*); 85-2 Mike Sutliff (Andrew Smith*);
91-3 nicholas ferraby (Andrew Smith*); 157-4 Russell Cobb (Andrew Smith*);
157-5 Tim Mason (Andrew Smith*); -6 ;
-7 ; -8 ;
-9 ; -10 ;

* = notout batsman,


  O        M R       W       Nb      Wd
Neil Smith 8 0        36 0
Trevor Smith 5 0 29 0
Ian Darlington        5.3 0 30 1
Jake Needham       9 0 27 4
Chris Windmill 7 0 41 0
Lian Wharton 7 0 31 0 3

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KIBWORTH, the Leicestershire club, crowned a superb four days with victory in the Cockspur Cup final, eclipsing their weekend double, when they won both the Everards League Premier Division and Leicester Mercury County Cup competitions. But they were made to sweat by their Derbyshire adversaries, and in particular Jake Needham, the 17-year-old ECB Academy prodigy, who made an assured fifty, then almost turned the game in Ockbrook & Borrowash’s favour with four of the five wickets they took.

Needham, batting at No 3, arrived at the wicket after Chris Dunn and Jon Owen, a former Derbyshire player, had put on 51 in 16 overs. He shared in another half-century partnership with the combative Dunn, but could only watch as a succession of partners came and went. He brought up his fifty with a sharp single but was run out for 51 as Ockbrook posted 194.

Kibworth’s reply got off to a swift start, John Hanger producing the shot of the day with a superb cut behind square to the longest boundary. He and Mike Sutliff, his captain, put on 50 in 72 balls but, on a day when spinners claimed all but one of the wickets, Needham and Ian Darlington slowed their progress. The match was going Kibworth’s way as Andy Smith and Russell Cobb put on 68, but Needham’s third and fourth wickets in consecutive balls put the matter back on the boil at 157 for five.Yet when Simon Renshaw survived the hat-trick ball, a corner seemed to have been turned. He confirmed the trophy’s destination emphatically, swatting a giant six over mid-on.

Ockbrook & Barrowash may look back and wonder about what might have been in their first tilt at this trophy, particularly when a succession of edges and slices, intentional and not, cost them a good dozen runs through an often vacant third man. For them there is always next year.